Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bernina Quilt Frame

Last week I brought home the three boxes that contained my new Bernina Quilt Frame.  It wasn't very hard to put together, but it took my husband and I five hours to finish.  The frame is set up in the new room in our basement.  (Sydney is there inspecting our work)

I've got an old quilt top loaded on and my sewing machine in place - ready to go. Since I won't mind if there are mistakes on this quilt I chose it for my first attempt at quilting on the frame.  There is probably going to be a big learning curve but I am excited at the idea of finishing bigger quilts myself.

So here is a photo of my first bit of quilting - simple stippling which doesn't look too bad and a couple of disastrous attempts at a flower design.  I definitely need lots of practice.


straythreads said...

congrats on the new baby!!

Bianca said...

What typenumber bernina do you have, and how works THE speed control ? My bernina 830, wil not work with THE speed control.