Oliver's Page

On backyard patrol

My little cutie
before his haircut

Oliver likes to help his Daddy drive the car

Snuggle Buddies

Oliver and Jackson (my son's new dog and Ollie's new best friend)

Playing with his mini tennis ball

a wet little dog out in the rain

He doesn't like the camera flash very much.

David and Oliver watching football
Bathtime for Oliver

Snuggled under a quilt in my sewing room.

It was cold at the cottage in the Laurentians this weekend, 
but Oliver was warm in his sweater.

At the office with me, nicely tucked into my desk drawer

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Judy said...

I had a little Yorkie once named Sophie that was supposed to be my husband and son's dog...she ended up taking to me. She was my little buddy. Seeing your pictures of Oliver brought back a lot of good memories.

You have a nice blog - I found your site through the Bloggers Quilt festival.