Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Journal Covers

Inspiration to make these journal covers came from a post I saw a few weeks ago on Jill's blog at The Quilt Rat. Her lovely journal cover is here . (She has a great giveaway right now too.) The original inspiration for the journal covers comes from Wanda at Exhuberant Colour . See all her fabulous journal covers here. New ones posted today.

So, I gathered scraps, selvage, ribbon and orphan blocks and made two journal covers of my own. What easy, one-day projects to make and they look so pretty when done. I take my covered notebooks to work with me during the week so I have a place to write down any "quilty" ideas that come to mind.

Here is more detail showing the front/back of each cover and the inside flaps. They were so much fun to put together, I know I'll be making more.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Blogger's Quilt Festival

I am excited to be participating for the first time in the Fall 2009 Blogger's Quilt Festival hosted by Amy at Park City Girl.

This quilt, made a few years ago, is one of my favorites. I made it from reproduction prints purchased on my trip to the Houston Quilt Festival in 2005. I brought home a lot of reproduction prints from that trip - couldn't resist. I haven't been back to Festival since, but DH has promised to take me next year... in the meantime, this quilt is a great reminder of that visit to Houston.

I also pieced the back so I could include as much of my fabric as possible.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks to Amy for hosting this event.

(I've been looking through my magazines all morning to find the one with this pattern - finally found it: Quilt Sampler, Fall/Winter 2005, p. 88, "Flying Geese Baskets" designed by Kathy Blank)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Quilts for Sarah and David

This snowman quilt top is ready to be sent off for quilting.....and, with any luck, I'll have it back in time to give to Sarah for Christmas. It was intended to be last year's Christmas gift - sorry Sarah :(

I love the snowmen - I think they are so cute! The pattern, "Under the Stars", is from the Rabbit Factory . I modified the design to include six snowmen across the top and added more star blocks making the overall size of my quilt a bit larger (approx 68"x80") than the original.

This scrappy irish chain quilt is for David. The quilting is done - I just have to finish putting on the binding. David moved into his own apartment this weekend so I may give it to him before Christmas :)

It's not my own design - I made it based on a photo in quilt magazine from a few years ago, but I can't find the magazine now - probably got tossed out in last year's house move. This quilt is a big one at 84" x 96".